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Established over 30 years ago, A.M.P.-Rose is one of the world’s leading suppliers of machines to the chocolate and confectionery industries.

A.M.P.-Rose has evolved and developed immensely since its humble beginnings in 1978. It has managed to transform from a small supplier of rebuilt packaging machines for the confectionery industry, to a greatly successful company with international renown and nearly 80% of its products being exported to over 80 countries world wide.

The company mainly specializes in the design and manufacture of processing and packaging machines for the chocolate and confectionery industry, but many of its products are also aimed for the biscuit and wafer industries.

The wide range of new machines include such categories as cut and wrap machines for all styles of wrapping, specific machines for production and packaging of hard candies, laboratory range for trials and small-scale production, horizontal form, fill and seal machines, as well as chocolate processing machinery.

Apart from the supply and production of brand new machines, A.M.P.-Rose is one of very few companies in the industry also offering used confectionery and chocolate machinery. With its engineers experienced with many brands and types of processing and packaging machines, the company is able to supply machines in ‘as is’, ‘good working order’, ‘reconditioned’, or ‘fully rebuilt’ condition, according to the Customer’s budget and specific requirements. A fully rebuilt machine from A.M.P- Rose carries a comprehensive 12 months guarantee.

Furthermore, as the company has a well equipped, modern shop capable of producing a wide range of engineering components to the highest degrees of accuracy, they also supply spare parts for other makes of machines.

With experienced Service Engineers, A.M.P-Rose also provide installation and commissioning of their machines both in the UK and abroad. There is also an option of purchasing the client’s redundant machinery, no matter if it’s outright purchase, trade-in against new or rebuilt machinery, or a sale on the Client’s behalf.


Contact Information:

  • Heapham Road North
  • Gainsborough,  DN21 1QU
  • +44 1427 611 969
  • +44 1427 616 854
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