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Danisco Sweeteners

As part of Danisco A/S, an international supplier to the food industry, Danisco Sweeteners manufactures and markets a range of speciality sweeteners and related ingredients worldwide. Our products can be used for a variety of functional purposes but we also focus on improving the health and nutritional profile of food and beverages that meet many dietary needs.

Danisco Sweeteners offers highly functional ingredients that help manufacturers develop sugar free, low glycemic, reduced calorie, low fat confections while improving taste, texture and mouthfeel.


A naturally-occurring bulk sweetener with great taste and unique dental benefits brings new value to sugar free and dentally safe confectionery.

LitesseĀ® (polydextrose)
A specialty carbohydrate that is 1kcal/g, prebiotic fiber, offering a wide range of health and functional benefits, for use in many types of confections and chocolates.

Finlac DC
A directly compressible granulate form of lactitol that can be used to formulate sugar free and reduced calorie tabletted candies.

A reduced calorie sweetener derived from lactose that can play a versatile role in chocolate and confections, providing the bulk of sugar with a mild sweetness and no aftertaste.


As a global marketer to the confectionery industry, Danisco Sweeteners can help confectioners make stronger health claims in the marketing of their products ‘ from packaging to advertising to promotion.

* Sugar Free, Reduced Sugar
* Low and Reduced Calorie
* Cariostatic – Oral Health
* Low and Reduced Fat
* Low Glycemic for Low Carb Consumers
* Fiber Enriched
* Suitable for Diabetics
* Prebiotic
* Weight Management
* Nutritionally Enhanced


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