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Gabriella Chocolates & Confections


                                                  Gabriella Chocolates & Confections offers the most Decadent Dessert Confection
called a Cake Truf
Gabriella Chocolatesfle… Your experience begins with a beautiful, round chocolate
, about twice the size of a traditional chocolate truffle. But, there is nothing
traditional about
what you are about to sink your teeth into. Underneath that
decadent chocolate shell, lies the creamiest, smoothest cake that you have ever
ed. It is so silky, that you can hardly believe it is cake, at all! Oh, but they are
not done. Inside that sublime cake, you find an even more luscious delight…
a magnificently, rich filling!

Gabriella Chocolates & Confections offers a diverse selection of flavors, including:
Chocolate Torte, which consists of rich, chocolate cake surrounding a center of
genuine Italian meringue chocolate buttercream, then enrobed in 60% dark
chocolate, and ultimately, rolled in cocoa nibs. Or, the Apricot Citrus, where fresh
lemon cake is blended with apricot compote, then covered in true cocoa butter-based
white chocolate and sprinkled with orange infused sugar crystals.

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