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Knechtel Labs

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With over 100 years of experience and 45+ years of continuous service to our clients, Knechtel Laboratories has grown to be the largest confectionery consultant in the world.

This growth can be attributed to the caliber of service, capabilities, experience, confidentiality and goal orientated work attitude.

We believe in the “Broader Confectionery Industry” and do our utmost to assist our clients in seeing opportunities and reaping future success.

All of Knechtel Laboratories’ resources are committed to the success of our clients.

Because of our years of experience and size, we can offer our clients not only technical/engineering expertise, but also worldwide product, manufacturer and marketing knowledge. This added information allows our clients to identify opportunities, as well as obstacles early in a project’s development.

We have worked with a significant number of large U. S. A. and International organizations and our experience, length of service and growth highlights our successes.

Our staff of highly experienced professionals allows us to consult on a wide range of confectionery, pharmaceutical, and snack food products. A small list of product types follows:
– Marshmallows
– Chocolates and compound coatings
– Chewing and bubble gums (regular, sugarless, liquid filled, pan coated, gum bases, and novelty)
– Creams and fondants
– High boiled sweets (hard candies)
– Taffy, Caramel and fat chewies
– Tableted candies
– Assorted chocolated items; Truffles, shell molded chocolates, chocolate covered cherries, and various liquid filled chocolates
– Panned goods
– Gummy confections
– High fruit products
– Licorice
– Granola and high protein bars
– Snacks; sweet, salty, and bakery
– And many others using standard and state-of-the-art ingredients (bulking agents/sweeteners) and processing technologies (extruders and continuous in-line systems)

Internally sponsored research allows us to maintain a high level of expertise on currently popular confections: chocolates, candies and gums. This information is also available to our clients.

Contact Information:

  • SKOKIE, IL 60076
  • 847-673-4477
  • 847-673-4487
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