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Mokaya Chocolate

Who is Mokaya chocolate?
Mokaya chocolate is more than just mere chocolate. It’s the next generation of quality chocolate in Malaysia. In an effort to bring to the market something that is uniquely UN-chocolate, Mokaya has made it a point to NOT do what the tired, predictable chocolatiers have done in the past. Mokaya makes it a point to use higher concentrations of chocolate in each and every bar manufactured giving consumers a more robust and refined taste and texture that cannot be found in any other Malaysian chocolate bars.

Those who bite into a Mokaya chocolate bar understand that they have a choice between typical market chocolate that is over-processed and under flavoured and Mokaya chocolate – which is rich, fulfilling and offers complex flavours and taste sensation with each and every bite. Mokaya chocolate is Malaysia’s brand of fine premium and luxury chocolates.

Why Mokaya Chocolate?
Savvy consumers who know the difference between run of the mill supermarket chocolate and fine-quality chocolate typically use Mokaya chocolate to eat and cook with. People who understand the nature of chocolate and the unique flavours and textures it can produce know that the possibilities for chocolate compound flavours are even greater than those found in wines.

What range of chocolate does Mokaya produce?
Most people who taste Mokaya chocolate for the first time realize that, up until that point, they’ve never truly tasted chocolate. Not like this, anyway. Mokaya chocolate produces two main product lines: single source chocolate and premium flavoured chocolate.

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Contact Information:

  • 14, Jalan Pengetua U1/32, Glenmarie Industrial Park
  • Glenmarie Industrial Park,
  • Shah Alam,  40150
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