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Packom LLC

Line of enriched hard-pressed candies, we have been able to offer an alternative to your typical sugar-free candy.

vitamincandy™ is a line of sugar-free, blister packed, hard-pressed candies that come in six (6) different flavors, ranging from Coconut/Blueberry, Grape, Green Tea/Lime, Peach, Raspberry and Tangerine. Each flavor is made in way that the consumer feels the amazing taste of the flavor they are eating, meanwhile consuming a candy that offers an added benefit. For instance, Grape, Peach, Raspberry and Tangerine, all come enriched with Vitamin C. The Coconut/Blueberry flavor is enriched with Vitamins B, C and E. Last, but surely not least, Green Tea/Lime is made with an all-natural green tea extract, offering the benefits of green tea.

Contact Information:

  • Packom LLC
  • 15 Corporate Drive
  • Wayne, NJ 07470
  • (973)633-5040
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