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Marketing Intelligence Service, Ltd.

The Single Source for World Wide New Product Intelligence

Productscan Online: The world’s largest online database of new consumer packaged goods introductions covering the Food, Beverage, Household, HBA, Misc. (mainly tobacco and car care) and Pet Products industries. The database contains over half million stock keeping units dating back to 1980. Productscan is the only choice for competitive intelligence to profile your competitors, track trends and tally launches by corporation, health claim, flavors/fragrances, ingredients and more. Built into every Productscan Online subscription is an electronic early warning system called E-Alert. Fully customized new product reports e-mailed direct to you on a weekly (monthly) basis. Stay ahead of the competition and stay current with new product launches.

Product Alert/International Product Alert: both published twice per month briefing on packaged goods introductions spanning the Food, Beverage, HBA, Household, Misc. and Pet Products industries. Each issue contains between 250 and 500 detailed new product reports with images (when available). Both publications also include Innovative product highlights, new product counts and a brief analysis of emerging trends.

Product Retrieval/Field Services: Actual product samples and retail level information are collected from markets anywhere in the world and delivered to your desktop.
*Surveys/Informal store audits
*Ad-hoc retrieval and Custom monitoring programs
*Single samples or large quantity retrievals for Quality Assurance

Do you need information on a specific category or manufacturer today?
Customscan provides you with the new product information, product briefs or statistical tables you want, when you want it. Contact us and we will generate a quote and send the report via e-mail, fax or courier with the same day response.

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