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SPI Polyols, Inc.

SPI Polyols, Inc. is a global manufacturer of specialty polyols and sugars serving the confectionery, food and oral care market segments.

Our product line consists of:
Traditional polyols such as SORBO(R) Sorbitol Solution, Sorbogem(TM) Crystalline Sorbitol and Mannogem(TM) Mannitol Powder.

Specialty polyols such as Maltisweet(TM) 3145 Maltitol Solution, Amalty(TM) Crystalline Maltitol, Sorbo(R) X-45 Sorbitol/Xylitol Solution, Hystar(R) Hydrogenated Stach Hydrolysate and Stabilite(TM) SD 30/60 Hydrogenated Starch Hydrolysate Powder.

Specialty sugars such as Sunmalt (TM) S Crystalline Maltose and Advantose (TM) FS95 Coarse Fructose Powder.

Functional systems such as direct compression chewing gum and custom high intensity sweetener blends.

In the last year, we have introduced the following break-through products:
Maltisweet(TM) M95 Maltitol Solution
* 90% minimum maltitol solution
* Approximately 90% as sweet as sucrose
* Sweetest polyol solution commercially available

Stabilite(TM) SD 30/60 Hydrogenated Starch Hydrolysate(HSH) Powder
* Highly soluble
* Non-reactive, non-hygroscopic
* Sugar-free polyol
* Highest laxation threshold of any polyol (over 150 g/day)

Maltisweet(TM) MH80 Maltitol Solution
* Unique polyol solution imparting the optimal balance between sweetness and stability
* Particularly appropriate for hard candy applications
* Provides stability equivalent to sugar candy
* Sufficient sweetness to enable the reduction or elimination of high intensity sweetener

Sunmalt(TM) S Crystalline Maltose
* Low melting point sugar that exhibits excellent adhesion and binding properties in various food systems

Direct Compression Chewing Gum
* Direct compression free flowing powder for use with standard tablet press
* Delivery system for functional ingredients
* Drum-to-hopper and turn key systems available

At SPI Polyols, our goal is to help customers achieve their business objectives quickly, more cost effectively and with improved finished product functionality. As such, we work hard to understand our customers’ specific needs and welcome the opportunity to create customized solutions to address those needs.

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Contact Information:

  • 321 Cherry Lane
  • New Castle, DE 19720
  • 1-800-789-9755
  • 1-302-576-8569
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