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Release Agents/Anti-Stick Lubricants

  • Capol LLC

      Capol LLC was founded in May 2012 and is the North American subsidiary of Capol GmbH. Headquartered in Northbrook, Illinois , Capol’s team is led by VP of Sales , Katherine Clark. Capol prides itself not only on its high quality products but also its hands on approach and technical service to support the […]

  • Cargill Texturizing Solutions™

    Cargill Texturizing Solutions™ expertise is unmatched. We are basic in hydrocolloids and emulsifiers. We source our own raw materials and manufacture globally. We design our products for specific applications. We offer full product development support locally through our laboratories and pilot plant facilities in Atlanta, GA.   PRODUCT LINE: * Agar * Alginates * Blends […]

  • Centerchem, Inc

    Quality Ingredients from Centerchem, Inc. Centerchem offers Maxinvert Invertase, manufactured by DSM. Invertase is used to convert crystalline sugar, or sucrose, into glucose and fructose. Using Maxinvert offers a “greener’ option. This results in longer shelf life & prevention of crystallization. Using Maxinvert offers a “greener’ option. Bittering agents including Quinine HCL also available. The […]

  • International Foodcraft

    International Foodcraft has been manufacturing quality ingredients and processing aids for the food, confectionery, cosmetic, and pharmaceutical industries since 1945. We produce two basic families of products: Food Color Concentrates Release Agents/Anti-Stick Lubricants

  • Mantrose UK Ltd.

    Mantrose UK Ltd. is owned by Mantrose-Haeuser Co Inc., a leading provider of natural, edible coatings and films, who have been supplying the confectionery industry for more than 100 years. Our products provide a variety of functional and aesthetic benefits for confections including: * Certiseals – a range of fast drying gum dispersions for polishing […]

  • Westco Fine Ingredients

    Westco Fine Ingredients is a full line supplier of food ingredients, with stocking locations in the eleven western states. Items sold include Food Acidulants, Colors, Sweeteners, Emulsifiers, Starches, Proteins, Fillers, Flow Agents, Gums, Gelatin, Liquid Food Solvents (Glycerin, Sorbitol, Propylene Glycol) Preservatives, and many other miscellaneous food additives.