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Mantrose UK Ltd.

Mantrose UK Ltd. is owned by Mantrose-Haeuser Co Inc., a leading provider of natural, edible coatings and films, who have been supplying the confectionery industry for more than 100 years.

Our products provide a variety of functional and aesthetic benefits for confections including:
* Certiseals – a range of fast drying gum dispersions for polishing chocolate, carob, yogurt and sugar shell. Also used to seal centres, such as nuts, prior to coating with chocolate etc. The formulations dry quickly and with consistent finish appearance even in hot and humid weather.
* Crystalacs – a range of shellac and non shellac glazes, providing a consistent high quality gloss.
* Certicoats – a range of oil and wax formulations providing high gloss, anti-stick polishes for starch, pectin and gelatin gums. The range is available in a variety of viscosities and blends to enable the ideal combination of starch removal, gloss, lubrication and packaging appearance.

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Contact Information:

  • 7B Northfield Farm
  • Great Shefford, Berkshire,  RG17 7BY
  • +44 (0) 1488 648988
  • +44 (0) 1488 648890
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