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Candy Equipment Suppliers

  • Union Confectionery Machinery Co.

    Union Confectionery Machinery is a four generation family owned business specializing is rebuilt and guarenteed Confectionery, Food and Pharmaceuitcal processing and packaging machinery. We offer rebuilt machinery for producing chocolate enrobed goods, chocolate moulded products, tempering machines, fondant cookers and beaters, marshmallow equipment, Starch Moguls for gummies, Hard Candy Cooking and Forming equipment, packaging machines […]

  • Wire Belt Company of America

    The Wire Belt Company of America offers wire mesh, turning conveyor belts, wire belts and enrober belts to meet your needs. They also offer an assortment of sprockets, gears and blanks.

  • WM. A. Schmidt

  • TRICOR Systems Inc.

    TRICOR NEW MODEL 225 Chocolate Temper Meter will be available May 2004. Providing innovative production and laboratory test instrumentation for the confectionery industry since 1980, including in-line, off-line, and portable chocolate temper meters, gloss analysis systems,and custom test equipment to meet varied requirements of customers throughout the world.  

  • Branson Ultrasonics Corp.

    PRODUCT LINE: * 20 kHz, 30 kHz & 40 kHz operating frequencies available * Industrial power supplies * Long-lasting titanium cutting blades * Aseptic IP65 rated Stainless Steel Converters * Titanium boosters